About the Enneagram Test Guide website

Enneagram Test Guide is a companion website to the Enneagram User Guide website.

With the many Enneagram tests that are available online, this site is meant to offer a mostly unbiased guide for not only finding a test and explaining its results but also going beyond those results to confirm and explore your type.

Here's what the menu options offer.

Find Test helps you find a test based on what it is you're trying to determine (i.e., type, wing, tri-center, gut, heart, head, and instinct).

Explain Results helps you understand what the results of a test mean.

Confirm Type helps you confirm that the type you think you are is correct.

Blog Articles offers related articles and thoughts about finding type and applying it in your life.

About this Website links you to this page.

More tests and features will be added to this website in the coming weeks and months.