Blog articles about finding Enneagram type and their variations

The Enneagram describes 9 basic personality types. Is 9 enough?

  • It's dubious to think that people can be described by only nine personality types. They can't. That's where all the variations of type come in.

Are Enneagram tests accurate? If not then what are they good for?

  • While most people want an Enneagram test to tell them what their type is, a test is simply another tool to help you on a journey.

Why is it so difficult to find my correct Enneagram type?

  • Some people seem to recognize their Enneagram type right away. Other people bounce between trying on different types.

Why do I get different results on different Enneagram tests?

  • Enneagram tests can sometimes produce inconsistent results. While it's easy to blame the tests, it can also be something you're doing.

There is no single authority on the Enneagram personality types

  • There are as many different interpretations of the Enneagram personality types as there are people studying and teaching them.

Tips for taking an Enneagram test to get more accurate results

  • The accuracy of an Enneagram test is not only dependent on how well the test is designed but also on how good your responses are.