Confirming Enneagram type using more than one test or description

Not everyone agrees on exactly what makes someone a certain Enneagram type. Some people describe a type in terms of typical behaviors or characteristics. Others look beneath personality to such things as basic fears and desires, habits of attention, underlying motivations, etc.

As a result, not all interpretations of the types are the same. This is refelected not only in the different type descriptions you come across but also the tests you might take.

What Enneagram type you think you are may actually be influenced by what interpretation you're reading or test you're taking. That's why when trying to confirm your type it's a good idea to take more than one test and read more than one set of type descriptions.

Taking more than one Enneagram test

Each Enneagram test draws their questions from their own interpretation of the Enneagram types and related concepts. There is no absolute source on the matter.

Many websites that offer an online test also offer their understanding of the Enneagram through descriptions. If you want to get an idea of what criteria they're using to determine type with their test then read the descriptions found on the website.

When you take an Enneagram test it's not determining your type in general, it's determining your type according to the creator of the test. You're basically getting an opinion about your type from a stranger you probably know nothing or very little about.

Along with the differences in type interpretations between different tests, there are also differences in test construction.

For example, the test may use words, brief statements, paragraphs, or even images for each item to be answered. Each item may have you rate one type as to how much you agree or disagree with it or may compare types and have you choose which type most applies to you.

By taking several different tests from different websites you'll not only get a more diverse set of opinions about your type, but you'll also minimize any bias inherent in the way any one test is constructed.

While taking multiple test may lead to differences in opinion, they also may lead to a consensus of opinion as well.

You can choose from a variety of tests from different sources that suggest your type, wing, tri-center, or instinct by visiting the find test section of the website.

Reading different descriptions

Although there may be overlap in how different people describe a given Enneagram type, there are also differences. These differences may not only have to do with how a type is described but what's included in that description as well.

One description may include some things that another doesn't and vice versa. If you were to read only one of those two descriptions then you'd be missing some things about a type that might help you know if that type fits you or not.

Not only will you get more details about a type by reading multiple descriptions you'll get more agreement or consensus about what's most important about that type as well.

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