Test: Enneagram Institute - Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (RHETI)

Test Overview

Enneagram Institute Interpretation

  • One reason different Enneagram tests often produce different results is that they are usually based on different interpretations of the types and related concepts.

    The Enneagram Institute - Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (RHETI) is associated with the Enneagram Institute interpretation of the Enneagram.

    You can follow the Internet links below to read about the interpretation used by this test to get a better idea of what the test is looking for.

    How the Enneagram System Works
    • Your Basic Personality Type
    • The Centers
    • The Wing
    • The Levels of Development
    • Directions of Integration (Growth) and Disintegration (Stress)
    • The Three Instincts
    • Typing Yourself and Others
    The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions

Test Results

  • Not all tests give the same information in their results. Below are what appears (YES) or doesn't appear (NO) in the results of this test.

    Because this test provides scores for all nine types, it can be further analyzed to explore candidate types or derive variations of type. For more information visit the Explain Results page.

    Additional Notes:

    This test also includes a multi-page results profile.